Hopefully you've been as fortunate as I've been and have enjoyed that amazing moment in life when you realize that what you love to do goes hand in hand with helping others. My moment came to me when I recognized that being there to see the wonderful memories other people are creating is the definition of happiness for me. I am always honoured to be there to capture the look of love shared between partners when they think nobody else is watching, or the sweet kiss from a dad on the forehead of his beautiful baby girl, or the burst of laughter from the little boy as his mom whispers something funny in his ear... pure bliss. 


It is my goal to ensure that you enjoy our session together and that the experience is one that you will look back on with a smile. Before your session we will discuss your different interests so that we can make sure to incorporate as much as who you are into your images.

About Sheila

I know it is cliche to say "life is a journey" and if I have learned anything at all over the course of my life, it's how true that statement really is. I believe that the key to this journey everyone is talking about lies in creating and finding one's own bliss. 

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